ITIL® 4 Executive Briefing


ITIL® is a non-proprietary framework of best practices that have become the de-facto international standard for Service Management. Public and private sector organizations across the globe implement ITIL® to deliver more business value, improve service quality, and re-invigorate team energy.


ITIL® 4 builds upon previous ITIL® versions with significant enhancements, including a strong emphasis on value co-creation, creating an organizational culture of continual improvement, and active collaboration between service providers and service consumers. ITIL® 4 also provides a guiding framework for business transformation, helping a business leverage and evolve its IT organization into a source of sustained competitive advantage.


This 1-2 hour briefing will introduce the ITIL® 4 concepts and help the audience better understand the business value of adopting Service Management best practices.

Session Objectives

This 1-2 hour session will help partcipants understand all of the new ITIL® 4 framework core concepts, including:

  • The ITIL® Service Value System (SVS)
  • The ITIL® Service Value Chain (SVC)
  • The ITIL® Seven Guiding Principles
  • The Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Continual ImprovementBetter understand the linkages between value creation and the achievment of desired business outcomes

Who Should Attend?

Any executive, director, or manager level with an interest in leveraging Service Management to optimize value creation.


None. Executives and managers are encouraged to participate to better understand the potential benefits of ITIL® in their organization.


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ITIL® 4 Executive Briefing (1-2 Hours)
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Benefits of ITIL

ITIL® has been the de-facto global standard for IT Service Management (ITSM) for more than three decades, and here’s why…


1) ITIL® leads to better alignment of IT with the broader business organization,
2) ITIL® enables faster service delivery and better problem solving,
3) ITIL® helps capture a higher return-on-investment from IT expenditures, and
4) ITIL® helps foster a sustainable organizational culture of continual improvement.


In 2019, a completely new ITIL® 4 education and certification framework was introduced. The framework is divided into two certification paths: ITIL® Managing Professional and ITIL® Strategic Leader. Seven Wonders Learning offers training in both ITIL® areas, including customized training and certification tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.


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